School Meals

School Meals currently cost £2.60 per day, £13.00 per week.

All dinner money should be paid on Mondays (or the first day of the school week if different).
Dinners can be paid via the shop section on our Parent App or by debit card/Apple or Android pay in the school office.

All KS1 (Reception, Y1 and Y2) children are entitled to a free school meal under the universal school meal scheme.

Children in KS2 bringing a packed lunch need a clearly named lunch box. It is our policy to ask children to take home any uneaten food in their lunch box so that you will be aware of how much has not been eaten. Please do not send fizzy drinks as these will be replaced by water and we would ask you to provide a healthy balanced lunch box.

The school kitchen work very  hard to create school menus which provide a well balanced diet.

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