Extra-Curricular Offer

At St. James, we believe in providing children with opportunities outside of the classroom to enable them to enjoy new experiences, develop new skills and strengthen and create new friendships and respect as peers; thus, broadening their horizons and developing happy and healthy future citizens.

Over the course of the year, the children can participate in a number of different clubs. Some clubs are delivered by our school staff, but we also liaise with a number of external groups, for example, our Sports Coach, to further enhance our extra-curricular offer. The list of clubs available varies from term to term. 

All our clubs are offered for a nominal 50p charge for the entire half term; this is testament to our commitment to providing enrichment opportunities for ALL children. 

Each half term, we conduct an audit of impact for the clubs offered and this enables us to make our offer completely bespoke to the needs of the community and to identify key groups of pupils who may benefit from attending future sessions. 



During the Spring term we will be running a range of after school clubs including:

  • Sports Fusion (Y3/Y4)
  • FAB Fun Activites with Books  (KS2) 
  • Computing (Y1/Y2)
  • Board Games (Y1/Y2) 
  • Book Club (Y5/Y6)


During the Autumn term we will be running a range of after school clubs including:

  • Multiskills (Y4/Y5)
  • Arts and Crafts (REC/Y1/Y2)
  • Football  (Y5/Y6)
  • Lego  (Y3/Y4)
  • FAB Fun Activities with Books (Y1/Y2)
  • Art  (Y5/6)


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