Mission Statement


At St James’ we are dedicated to providing and promoting a secure and stimulating learning environment where everybody feels safe and secure to attempt new challenges in life.

Our St James’ family is committed to nurturing positive self-esteem and friendships that lead to a mutual respect for all. Through developing a fun and enjoyable environment we will celebrate and value achievements of everybody.

Children will learn through a wide range of fun opportunities that encourage respect, dedication and perseverance.

We aim to prepare our children to make a positive contribution as they live in today’s society. Through encouraging honesty, trust and respect across our school community our children will be educationally, morally and spiritually equipped for their future lives.

By providing a rich, diverse and enjoyable curriculum, our children will gain the skills to live as valued members of the community.

We aim to foster a love and passion for life- long learning.

The desire for a healthy mind, body and spirit will be promoted and encouraged.

We will teach about the importance of physical exercise and a balanced diet. Individuality and independence will be encouraged by offering a broad and balanced creative and engaging curriculum.

Through God’s love and guidance we will foster the importance of making sensible life choices and how to deal with negative influences through life’s  journey.

When celebrating differences we will recognise that we are all unique and special in God’s eyes. Our Christian ethos will nurture spiritual growth and self-esteem.

Together we will laugh, learn and live in a supportive and caring Christian family community where individual achievements from hard work are rewarded and celebrated with God’s love.

School Aims

St James CE Primary School is a caring school, striving for excellence.

We aim to

  • provide a happy and secure environment which provides challenge and opportunity for each pupil
  • enable each child to develop his / her fullest potential in all areas
  • make the most of all the opportunities offered both within and outside curriculum areas
  • foster attitudes of respect and tolerance for others
  • encourage good manners and good behaviour
  • foster the basic Christian ethos of the school