Please see the information below from National Online Safety detailing how to set up parent controls for apps.  There are separate instructions for I-phones and Android phones.

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On Android phones, restricting access to particular apps usually requires going onto Google Play. From there, it’s fairly easy to
navigate your way through the settings to manage the parental controls and authentications relating to any apps on the device. These
features can prevent your child from downloading or buying anything unsuitable for their age. Updated versions of apps or games
that your child has already installed may occasionally contain something inappropriate, so we’ve explained how to stop those, too.

0410 Parent Control for Apps Android


Apple devices come with built-in apps already available: Mail, FaceTime and Safari, for example.
However, you can choose which apps and features appear on your child’s device and which ones don’t.
You can also manipulate the features in Game Centre to enhance your child’s safety and privacy when
playing games, as well as blocking iTunes or App Store purchases if you wish.

0410 Parent control for Apps Iphone